Testemunhos das que não abortaram

My baby was perfect. Why did doctors push me to abort her?

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I would like to share with you how good is be a mother.

At 17 started to date the father of my son. I became pregnant soon. I always desired be a mother, but not in that circunstamces. As just I found was pregnant I got in despair. I was fear to tell to my parents, I was afraid their reaction. That was like I thought, my mother cried a lot, my father remained one year without to talk with me.

But I would do that again, I would gone throrugh that another time. Every time my son embrace me, kiss me, I make sure it was all worth it.

My same parents that scandalized when got the news from the baby, today protect and love him in a incredible way.

If you afraid of your parents reaction, forget it, when you give the birth and see the baby alive they will become ashamed to complain about.

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